Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 3....hello gym oh how i have missed you....

Hello Friends

So its day 3 and its my first day back at the gym. I love my gym, whenever i go it seems as if Im the only one there. Its all shiny and new and every treadmill/bike/crosstrainer has their own tv attached to it. It hardly seems like exercise when you plug in your headphones and watch one of those completely mindnumbing and ridiculous shows on MTV, (normally if its on at home it compels me to get up and do well anything else really) , but at the gym , I dont know, that half hour show just seems to hold my attention long enough to build up a decent sweat and heart rate well enough that I am beginning to enjoy treadmill time :0) Then its off to the circuit floor, I am loving all the arm exercises like lat pulldowns, shoulder raises and chest press and find myself imagining that if I work hard enough, my tuck shop lady arms (sorry tuck shop ladies - there is just no better way to describe it)will one day be as smokin as say Alyssa Milano's arms. This is really helpful when my arms are feel like they are on fire and I still have that last set to do!

So this morning I spent a little longer at the gym and worked a little harder because this afternoon it was Miss L's birthday party. Miss L is the eldest daughter of my lovely friend and trusted babysitter Emma from A Little Crafty and let me tell you, Emma is not only a little crafty but a fantastic cook as well! Em makes a simply to die for caramel slice and made it for the party this afternoon, so I couldnt be rude could i?

Im thinking maybe I started in the wrong week, what with mothers day yesterday and the party today, plus miss b has another 2 birthday parties this week....oh well never mind, Ill just have to work harder at the gym tomorrow.

Well thats it from me tonight, it has been a busy day and i am oh so slightly sleepy...

Much love to you all

PS I promise I will give you the 'how i got here and where i hope to get' blog that I promised to give you yesterday, tomorrow.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 2 and I've failed already....BUT Happy Mummy's Day!!!

Hello Friends

Oh dear, I have failed already! Well actually I havent really because I actually made a calculated decision that today I would have as my last 'free' day. I hear you all saying but "why Sammy why?" Well the reason why is because today is Mother's Day. Today I decided to ignore the menu set out for me and concentrate on what matters most to me - my babies, my beautiful mummy and my lovely mother in law (yes i said lovely.)

Today I woke up to a lovely cuddle with misses b & g, a halfway cleaned house (hubby's gift to me was to clean the entire house) some lovely school mother's day stall gifts and a special recording of miss b saying why she loved me "I love my mummy because she takes me to places that I want to go to"

For the rest of the morning I got to have breaky in bed, latte delivered to me without me having to ask and I got to immerse myself in my new facebook page and some custom blankie designs while hubby cleaned the house and did the washing and then organised stuff for the picnic lunch with my mummy. My mummy is the lady who inspires me everyday and if I look as good as her when I her age I will be a happy woman!

After lunch we headed over to hubby's parents place for some afternoon tea. Im really lucky when it comes to mother in laws, mine is fantastic! She works 4 days a week and on her day off, loves to take miss b to school and pick her up and takes miss g to see her grandnan and or shopping for the day. This gives me time to do whatever errands i need to do or allows me time to focus on the magazine research/partylite stuff/sewing/studying totally kidfree!

Speaking of grandnan, matt's nan is one of those nanna's that you just want to be around and spend time with, she was at the afternoon tea this afternoon and absolutely loved her handmade snuggle! We then got to have a great chat about anything and nothing really.

Im going to finish off this post with a special request - I found out tonight that my nanna, who turned 83 earlier in the week, has had a fall and broken her hip. She goes into surgery tomorrow and I wish I could be there with her. Unfortunately she lives in Adelaide (and finances dont allow for jumping on a plane)so I am asking/hoping that all my friends will send a get better wish/prayer out into the universe so that her surgery and recovery goes well.

Thanks for reading and dont be to disappointed in me, I'll be back on the plan tomorrow and GYM in the morning YAY!!!

Much love to you all