Saturday, May 8, 2010

Confession and Clear outs

Hello friends,

So I have been fooling myself for a long time, I have been ignoring my feelings and what i can so plainly see and letting myself continue along in the same way in the hopes that i will never have to face the truth. Well there comes a day when the pile under the rug becomes like a mountain you have to climb over and you have no choice but too get under there and clean house! For me, that day happened ages ago, but i can be stubborn so even though i have had all the subtle hints and not so subtle - (seriously its like my mountain now has a neon sign announcing its existence)today is the day that I fess up - to you my friends but most importantly to myself....

Deep Breath.......

okay I can do this....

My name is Sammy and.....




Actually lets be truthful, I was fat 40 kilos ago, I am obese - no I am morbidly obese and have been for some time and I have known it, everyone who sees me knows it, and i have been ignoring it...stupidly ignoring it, I mean how stupid can i be? morbid = death, I am basically digging my own grave everytime i put that takeout/chocolate etc in my mouth.

I weigh 126.1 kilograms my height is 5'2.5" I wear size 16,18,20,22,24.

Well no more! Today is the day that I start looking after myself and I need you my friends to help keep me motivated and on track, will you help me? I plan to post here daily my thoughts, activity and any confessions that may arise, I just ask that you help me stay accountable, throw an encouraging word or two my way and if need be go mad at me when I go off track....

Well that will do for today, tomorrow I will go into how I got here and where i hope to get.

Much love to you all

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stitching and warming up for winter :)

Hi Friends
Well it certainly has been chilly this past week. Almost cold enough to switch the aircon over to the heat setting....I have resisted though - I think Im starting to go a little green around the edges these days - dont get me wrong, im not a total greenie and probably never will be...I enjoy my scalding hot 10 minute showers and well there is no way Im turning off my TV at night, but I am starting to think a little more about saving energy and becoming more with that being said im attempting to restock my house with 'green' light bulbs (any reccomendations?), starting to use more lamps and my candle stock is being well used!

Today I have a unit meeting with the Partylite gals at Rouse Hill, Im a little worried about how warm i will be, the nights have been super cold this week! I am cadging a lift with my good friend and sponsor tonight because as we discovered when I drove to the last one I am as blind as a bat on those dark country roads! So today I wanted to find a little gift to show my appreciation... Now any one who knows me knows that I am a shop-a-holic I love to shop and can usually find several things to buy in every shop i go to but lately I dont know whether the shops just arent getting anything great in or i am in a funk but i just cant find anything to get excited about buying so shopping for me has become a bit tiresome (gasp eee gads shock!) Sorry scratch that -there is one thing i get excited about - FABRIC! Minkee, Chenille, fleece,flannel, cotton, poplin corduroy you name it and im there!

So anyway like i said I wanted to find a pretty gift for my friend and really i just couldnt find anything, so i did what i usually do when im bored...i went to spotlight :) and there in the remnants bin was my solution....beautiful green corduroy! Here is my logic... gorgeous cord material, need a reason to buy it, its cold, need a gift idea = GOT IT!

So I bought some purple cord (and the green piece for me) some lovely piping, yummy smelling lavender and went on a hunt that ended at petbarn :) do you know what I made yet?

I made it square and a bit bigger than the ones you can buy because well i prefer a larger square one - and im making it so there :P

It took me about 15 minutes to sew this up and i am really pleased with the end result :) So pleased that when Miss B got home I decided to make one for her as well, then she asked if she could learn to sew...ok why not, its a nice easy straight forward project :)

I think she did pretty well, what do you think?