Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A borrowed blog...kind of

I have so much going on lately that I a) havent had the time b)havent had the motivation to write on my blog. That and I cant think about what to write :P So I apologise and in a shameful attempt at keeping what's left of my loyal readers I have borrowed an idea from a blog i follow regularly called "Green Ness" http://green-ness.blogspot.com/

The idea is titled "A Simple woman's meme" and i can hear you all scoffing at the idea of me being simple...well i am anyway :P

Outside my window...well my blinds are closed because hubby is sick and snoring on the couch BUT beyond the blinds my seedlings have finally sprouted, the grass is starting to green up again and the sky is a little grey - great for cosying up on the couch with a good book.

I am thinking.... about too many things... about how my house is a mess (whats new these days...) about how much sewing I want to get done, about how much study I need to do, about my niece coming over tonight, about my nannna, about the decluttering that needs to be done, about the deigns for my new lounge and tv cabinet (designed by me and made by hubby) about my need to do a to do list im thinking....

I am thankful for... my beautiful family, those friends I consider family, and that I have a fantastic hubby who would do anything for me.

I am wearing...My uniform of sorts, jeans and tshirt and boots that have fur at the top but are incredibly supportive of my two spazzy ankles oh and my Thomas Sabo bracelet

I am remembering... I have too many things in the 'now' and short future to remember much in the past...but I do remember the way my mum used to twirl my ponytail while she was on the phone....I do the same thing to miss B (5)

I am going... To the Bon Jovi concert in December!!! So excited - my darling hubby bought the tickets for me :0)

I am reading... nothing except study notes for the moment - I am saving up all of my books for the MS Readathon Novel Challenge - I'll be reading in August, if you want to sponsor me:http://register.thenovelchallenge.org.au/The-Novel-Challenge/SamYoung/&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Share_My_Page&utm_campaign=Adult_Readathon
I am hoping... we can find a bigger house to move into soon....I am really running out of room!

Noticing that... something on my regular list of jobs and focus points needs to go...Too much stress

Pondering these words... 'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart' William Wordsworth

In the kitchen... A big mess - I have been baking up a storm - I hate the clean up... I miss having a dishwasher...

Around the house... too much clutter that needs to be sorted

One of my favourite things... morning cuddles with miss b (5) and miss g (2) - they are super sweet when they first wake up :)

Hope you enjoyed my 'borrowed' blog - dont forget to sponsor me :)

Much love

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I'm in tears as I write today's post...today is a very grey day, what am i talking about???, it's been a grey week, and i know its only Tuesday, but the days seem longer when they are grey.....


So for those that dont know me already, I'm Sammy. I weigh umm hold on its been weeks since i weighed myself (it seems pointless to these days) wow I weigh 128.8kg...damn that hurts. like I said I havent weighed myself in ages....in kind of hurts too much....oh crap now here come the tears again...

So like I said I weigh 128.8kg, I have pms every day of the month, I eat like a camel (binge eat one day, not get hungry for days after that)I have days sometimes weeks of lets call them 'grey' days, I have what I like to call 'little soldier ****' putting little land mines in my pores (aka more zits than a teenage boy), those same little so and so's pulling hair out of my head and planting it in my chin, cheek and upper lip area (honestly, one day im afraid im going to wake up in the morning look in the mirror and be greeted by a crater faced bearded lady reflection). I also get days where it seems that every half an hour I feel like Im having a heart attack (Im not, its just a fabulous little thing called anxiety) seriously, try concentrating on anything when that happens! Put all that together and Ive got this lovely little thing called PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Apparently it affects 10% of the population - if this is the case then the majority of the 10% is my circle of friends. Yet before I found out I had it, I had never heard of it. Its been around since the 1930's, noone definitively knows how it occurs nor do they know how to fix it. And let me tell you one thing if you have it but dont want children or more children (me) well, the doctors dont really give a rats patootie about you. Never mind that this 'syndrome' can cause diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety etc if you arent looking to have a baby then you dont matter. Dont get me wrong I feel for all of those out there who have PCOS and cant fall pregnant, i really do - but I would like a chance to enjoy the same amount of care and concern shown to them. PCOS is an awful thing to deal with, no matter what your situation.

Anyways so this is my blog, its about me and my feelings. I swear (like a trooper sometimes) but i will never ever mean to cause offence, I am not and should not be considered a 'proper source of information' (if you want more info just google PCOS) I welcome comments, I try to blog often but sometimes the grey days or the other parts of my life interfere with that.

Take care of yourselves

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Apologies....but i hope you've missed me?

Hi Friends!

My blog (as well as my life) has been having some technical difficulties, so i apologise for not blogging lately. I am in the process of designing a new blog so stay tuned (pretty please)?

On a better note, I have lost weight! Its only a small amount but it is to be expected with PCOS. I now weigh 124.9 which is a loss of 1.2kg yay me....happy dance :0)

Hope you are all happy and well and that you will continue to bear with me....

Much love

PS if you are into stamping you should check out my friend emma from A Little Crafty, she is super talented and she has just become a Stampin Up Consultant :0)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 3....hello gym oh how i have missed you....

Hello Friends

So its day 3 and its my first day back at the gym. I love my gym, whenever i go it seems as if Im the only one there. Its all shiny and new and every treadmill/bike/crosstrainer has their own tv attached to it. It hardly seems like exercise when you plug in your headphones and watch one of those completely mindnumbing and ridiculous shows on MTV, (normally if its on at home it compels me to get up and do well anything else really) , but at the gym , I dont know, that half hour show just seems to hold my attention long enough to build up a decent sweat and heart rate well enough that I am beginning to enjoy treadmill time :0) Then its off to the circuit floor, I am loving all the arm exercises like lat pulldowns, shoulder raises and chest press and find myself imagining that if I work hard enough, my tuck shop lady arms (sorry tuck shop ladies - there is just no better way to describe it)will one day be as smokin as say Alyssa Milano's arms. This is really helpful when my arms are feel like they are on fire and I still have that last set to do!

So this morning I spent a little longer at the gym and worked a little harder because this afternoon it was Miss L's birthday party. Miss L is the eldest daughter of my lovely friend and trusted babysitter Emma from A Little Crafty and let me tell you, Emma is not only a little crafty but a fantastic cook as well! Em makes a simply to die for caramel slice and made it for the party this afternoon, so I couldnt be rude could i?

Im thinking maybe I started in the wrong week, what with mothers day yesterday and the party today, plus miss b has another 2 birthday parties this week....oh well never mind, Ill just have to work harder at the gym tomorrow.

Well thats it from me tonight, it has been a busy day and i am oh so slightly sleepy...

Much love to you all

PS I promise I will give you the 'how i got here and where i hope to get' blog that I promised to give you yesterday, tomorrow.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 2 and I've failed already....BUT Happy Mummy's Day!!!

Hello Friends

Oh dear, I have failed already! Well actually I havent really because I actually made a calculated decision that today I would have as my last 'free' day. I hear you all saying but "why Sammy why?" Well the reason why is because today is Mother's Day. Today I decided to ignore the menu set out for me and concentrate on what matters most to me - my babies, my beautiful mummy and my lovely mother in law (yes i said lovely.)

Today I woke up to a lovely cuddle with misses b & g, a halfway cleaned house (hubby's gift to me was to clean the entire house) some lovely school mother's day stall gifts and a special recording of miss b saying why she loved me "I love my mummy because she takes me to places that I want to go to"

For the rest of the morning I got to have breaky in bed, latte delivered to me without me having to ask and I got to immerse myself in my new facebook page and some custom blankie designs while hubby cleaned the house and did the washing and then organised stuff for the picnic lunch with my mummy. My mummy is the lady who inspires me everyday and if I look as good as her when I her age I will be a happy woman!

After lunch we headed over to hubby's parents place for some afternoon tea. Im really lucky when it comes to mother in laws, mine is fantastic! She works 4 days a week and on her day off, loves to take miss b to school and pick her up and takes miss g to see her grandnan and or shopping for the day. This gives me time to do whatever errands i need to do or allows me time to focus on the magazine research/partylite stuff/sewing/studying totally kidfree!

Speaking of grandnan, matt's nan is one of those nanna's that you just want to be around and spend time with, she was at the afternoon tea this afternoon and absolutely loved her handmade snuggle! We then got to have a great chat about anything and nothing really.

Im going to finish off this post with a special request - I found out tonight that my nanna, who turned 83 earlier in the week, has had a fall and broken her hip. She goes into surgery tomorrow and I wish I could be there with her. Unfortunately she lives in Adelaide (and finances dont allow for jumping on a plane)so I am asking/hoping that all my friends will send a get better wish/prayer out into the universe so that her surgery and recovery goes well.

Thanks for reading and dont be to disappointed in me, I'll be back on the plan tomorrow and GYM in the morning YAY!!!

Much love to you all

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Confession and Clear outs

Hello friends,

So I have been fooling myself for a long time, I have been ignoring my feelings and what i can so plainly see and letting myself continue along in the same way in the hopes that i will never have to face the truth. Well there comes a day when the pile under the rug becomes like a mountain you have to climb over and you have no choice but too get under there and clean house! For me, that day happened ages ago, but i can be stubborn so even though i have had all the subtle hints and not so subtle - (seriously its like my mountain now has a neon sign announcing its existence)today is the day that I fess up - to you my friends but most importantly to myself....

Deep Breath.......

okay I can do this....

My name is Sammy and.....




Actually lets be truthful, I was fat 40 kilos ago, I am obese - no I am morbidly obese and have been for some time and I have known it, everyone who sees me knows it, and i have been ignoring it...stupidly ignoring it, I mean how stupid can i be? morbid = death, I am basically digging my own grave everytime i put that takeout/chocolate etc in my mouth.

I weigh 126.1 kilograms my height is 5'2.5" I wear size 16,18,20,22,24.

Well no more! Today is the day that I start looking after myself and I need you my friends to help keep me motivated and on track, will you help me? I plan to post here daily my thoughts, activity and any confessions that may arise, I just ask that you help me stay accountable, throw an encouraging word or two my way and if need be go mad at me when I go off track....

Well that will do for today, tomorrow I will go into how I got here and where i hope to get.

Much love to you all

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stitching and warming up for winter :)

Hi Friends
Well it certainly has been chilly this past week. Almost cold enough to switch the aircon over to the heat setting....I have resisted though - I think Im starting to go a little green around the edges these days - dont get me wrong, im not a total greenie and probably never will be...I enjoy my scalding hot 10 minute showers and well there is no way Im turning off my TV at night, but I am starting to think a little more about saving energy and becoming more sustainable....so with that being said im attempting to restock my house with 'green' light bulbs (any reccomendations?), starting to use more lamps and my candle stock is being well used!

Today I have a unit meeting with the Partylite gals at Rouse Hill, Im a little worried about how warm i will be, the nights have been super cold this week! I am cadging a lift with my good friend and sponsor tonight because as we discovered when I drove to the last one I am as blind as a bat on those dark country roads! So today I wanted to find a little gift to show my appreciation... Now any one who knows me knows that I am a shop-a-holic I love to shop and can usually find several things to buy in every shop i go to but lately I dont know whether the shops just arent getting anything great in or i am in a funk but i just cant find anything to get excited about buying so shopping for me has become a bit tiresome (gasp eee gads shock!) Sorry scratch that -there is one thing i get excited about - FABRIC! Minkee, Chenille, fleece,flannel, cotton, poplin corduroy you name it and im there!

So anyway like i said I wanted to find a pretty gift for my friend and really i just couldnt find anything, so i did what i usually do when im bored...i went to spotlight :) and there in the remnants bin was my solution....beautiful green corduroy! Here is my logic... gorgeous cord material, need a reason to buy it, its cold, need a gift idea = GOT IT!

So I bought some purple cord (and the green piece for me) some lovely piping, yummy smelling lavender and went on a hunt that ended at petbarn :) do you know what I made yet?

I made it square and a bit bigger than the ones you can buy because well i prefer a larger square one - and im making it so there :P

It took me about 15 minutes to sew this up and i am really pleased with the end result :) So pleased that when Miss B got home I decided to make one for her as well, then she asked if she could learn to sew...ok why not, its a nice easy straight forward project :)

I think she did pretty well, what do you think?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apologies friends...

What a lovely but chilly Autumn day we are having today :)perhaps i should get started on my own quilt finally....

I have to apologise that I havent followed through on my previous post, unfortunately the day after I published, I kind of well - I lost the inspiration and the motivation! I think its because deep down I really do realise that there is no one reading my posts and that I am basically writing to myself...so there is no one to hold me accountable...do you know what I mean?

If there are people reading my posts, let me know, drop me a line, comment to show you are here, and while youre at it let me know what YOU want to read about.

Thanks for visiting,

Much love

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello Dear Friends

Hello again my dear friends,

Im sorry that I have been very slack in the blogging department, unfortunately life had a tendency to spin out of control and i guess I was a little stumped for what to write....
I have noticed from the few blogs that I read all the time that they have retained my interest because while being about the author's day to day life they also have a particular theme to them. You will see what i mean if you flick over tohttp://emmascrafty.blogspot.com/ and http://www.blogger.com/Green these two are at the moment my fave blogs, Emma at A Little Crafty inspires me to get 'a little crafty' and Vanessa at Green Ness is making me think a bit more about green organic living. So I have been thinking about what I could write about that will keep you, my friends, coming back and reading more.....

I recently watched Julie and Julia, you know the movie where Julia decides to do a blog on making all of Julia Child's recipes in a year? The movie was sweet (although Julia's (played by Meryl Streep) voice drove me to distraction) and coupled with my shame and disgust to admit that my family has become far too complacent with eating takeout or frozen dinners most nights a week has served to inspire me......
I am a fiend for cook books, recipes and recreating meals that I have had in restaurants....below is a photo of i think about half of my collection of recipes (the box at the front is an old women's weekly box of recipe cards, not sure how many but the index is 52 pages...)
So if you havent guessed already dear friends i will tell you, I am going to set myself a challenge. My challenge is to cook dinner using a recipe from my collection every night and then blog the recipe, rate how easy or hard it was (1 being easy 5 being hard) and the family's reaction. If im not super busy that day you may find a few recipes that I have had time to play with...

We are as a society are becoming far too dependent on the fast and easy meals, whether they be from the golden arches or from the frozen section of the supermarket... I hope my blog can serve as an inspiration for you and your family's dinner choices...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mixing work with fun...

On saturday DH had to do a site inspection in Blackheath. Normally he would get up really early and go by himself and then wake us ladies of the house with coffee(for me) and hotcakes for the little misses, (who had by then taken over his side of the bed and some of mine too!) This site inspection however was different...

When DH told me he needed to go to Blackheath, I could barely contain myself...you see when I was just a young fresh faced 17 year old I was lucky enough to work at the Victory Theatre Cafe on weekends. Now most people wouldnt get so excited about visiting their old workplace, but for me, the VTC and Blackheath itself is a place that gave me some of the best experiences, you know the type that you look back on and can vividly remember the sights, sounds and the tastes (omg, the tastes) and whenever you hear the name or something related to it your mind just automatically goes into nostalgic mode? Well this is one of my special places(you'll find I have a few).

Why is Blackheath so special? well to start, the train ride to Blackheath is a gorgeous one and something that I actually enjoyed about working so far away from home. Secondly and even though I am miss suburbia these days I am a Mountains girl born and bred. Thirdly Blackheath is the first and only time I can remember seeing snow (even though I had lived in the Mountains for 17 years) and for me snow is magic, it makes eveything look cleaner, you have an excuse to stay in and sit in front of a fire and read all day long if you want to and lets not forget the hot chocolate and marshmallows to keep your insides warm and well I just look cuter in a beanie than I do in a bikini :P

One of my other fave experiences is my first taste of the VTC BLT....honestly there is nothing tastier than this BLT. I have tried for the last 11 years to find a decent replacement BLT but none have even come close to being as good...
So we went to Blackheath, I didnt see snow but I did get my BLT and even though the staff has changed and quite possibly the management as well, the VTC BLT still tasted exactly the same!

Anyway enough about the food and nostalgia - we did do other things while we were up there :) After lunch we went into the VTC antique store, and let me tell you this place is huge! Word to the wise though, trying to look at antiques is really difficult with two little misses that just want to touch EVERYTHING!! so we didnt stay long there (although dh who would normally scoff at the practice of antiquing has promised that we will go another day soon - sans the princesses)

After that we ducked into a quaint little toy/gift shop to check out if they had any cutesy little pressies would could get miss g for her birthday - they did, but that will come in another post :)
We then headed off to the site inspection which ended up being really close to the little duck reserve and playground area. The girls were in their element here, 3 different playground areas, pretty ducks to look at and lots of feathers or fellas according to miss g to collect. Although it felt bizarre to say 'come on miss g lets go find you a fella'! As they say a picture paints a thousand words so check out the fun we had!

If you are going to Blackheath or even if youre looking for something to do I recommend you check out:

Victory Theatre Cafe
Victory Theatre Antiques
Iris and Mays toy and gift shop

My first visit to blogland...

Hi I'm Sam!

So if you read my about me section just over there on the left? right? well if i was actually in the computer then it would be my left but because I'm not lets just go with the section on your right...go on read it, I'll wait...........

Welcome back! So what does all that mean? Well it depends on who you ask...some might say that I'm insane, some say i'm a glutton for punishment, I'm pretty sure the men in white coats would say that I have a supermum complex or the gobbledygook version of that anyway. For me its just who I am, I'm a bit of all three. I get the supermum thing from my mum - she is the original supermum and my hero...love you mummy.

As for the other two, well lets face it, most mums are a little insane and seem to be gluttons for punishment - if we werent, there'd be only children all over the place!

So I've created this blog for a few reasons:

a) I apparently dont think I have enough to occupy my time already

b) I think my husband is somewhat bored with me telling him the same thing over and over again

c) I think it could be a nice thing for my babies to read and be inspired by when they get older or it could be a useful guilting tool at the very least :P

d) I do a fair bit of quilting/patchworking and the occasional crafty thing and lets face it, what good is a blog without some shameless bragging/self promotion

e) I hope that as people read my posts, they get a little chuckle, a slight smile or even if reading my post while having a cuppa (i'll have a skim latte thanks) their day gets a little brighter....

so...I am hoping that I wont be the only one reading this, because really, that would just be really really lame...