Saturday, May 8, 2010

Confession and Clear outs

Hello friends,

So I have been fooling myself for a long time, I have been ignoring my feelings and what i can so plainly see and letting myself continue along in the same way in the hopes that i will never have to face the truth. Well there comes a day when the pile under the rug becomes like a mountain you have to climb over and you have no choice but too get under there and clean house! For me, that day happened ages ago, but i can be stubborn so even though i have had all the subtle hints and not so subtle - (seriously its like my mountain now has a neon sign announcing its existence)today is the day that I fess up - to you my friends but most importantly to myself....

Deep Breath.......

okay I can do this....

My name is Sammy and.....




Actually lets be truthful, I was fat 40 kilos ago, I am obese - no I am morbidly obese and have been for some time and I have known it, everyone who sees me knows it, and i have been ignoring it...stupidly ignoring it, I mean how stupid can i be? morbid = death, I am basically digging my own grave everytime i put that takeout/chocolate etc in my mouth.

I weigh 126.1 kilograms my height is 5'2.5" I wear size 16,18,20,22,24.

Well no more! Today is the day that I start looking after myself and I need you my friends to help keep me motivated and on track, will you help me? I plan to post here daily my thoughts, activity and any confessions that may arise, I just ask that you help me stay accountable, throw an encouraging word or two my way and if need be go mad at me when I go off track....

Well that will do for today, tomorrow I will go into how I got here and where i hope to get.

Much love to you all


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  2. You are a brave women!!!! No way would I put that sort of info out there!!!

    GOOD LUCK you can do it!!!!!

  3. Thanks em, thought it was about time i made myself accountable :0)

  4. Good on you for taking that first step :)

    I've had success in the past with weightloss by putting all my stats out there for my readers to see and I found it kept me accountable. I didn't want to be posting that I've fallen off the wagon or not done any exercise or whatever.

    Having said that, I've put weight back on and I need to get my butt moving again :/

    Good luck reaching your goal, hun. I'll be following and cheerign you along the way! :)


  5. Thanks Tina, by doing this i hope that i can not only keep myself motivated but also inspire others to join me :0)

  6. I'm with you Mantha. you know me i'll always have your back. I came to the same realisation and have started on a new path i'm down 6kgs and counting. we can do this and when we both reach our goal it's a day at the spa for you and me.

  7. Sounds like a plan pencil! I know you have my back and I love you for it, same goes with me for babes, congrats on your 6kg! I have a present for you that I was going to give you for chrissy but I think I will give it to you when you reach your goal xoxo

  8. Good on you Sam,
    I've just stumbled upon your sweet little blog.

    Blogland is a great place to find all sorts of people with a similar goal

    That number is just going to go down from here on in!