Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A borrowed blog...kind of

I have so much going on lately that I a) havent had the time b)havent had the motivation to write on my blog. That and I cant think about what to write :P So I apologise and in a shameful attempt at keeping what's left of my loyal readers I have borrowed an idea from a blog i follow regularly called "Green Ness" http://green-ness.blogspot.com/

The idea is titled "A Simple woman's meme" and i can hear you all scoffing at the idea of me being simple...well i am anyway :P

Outside my window...well my blinds are closed because hubby is sick and snoring on the couch BUT beyond the blinds my seedlings have finally sprouted, the grass is starting to green up again and the sky is a little grey - great for cosying up on the couch with a good book.

I am thinking.... about too many things... about how my house is a mess (whats new these days...) about how much sewing I want to get done, about how much study I need to do, about my niece coming over tonight, about my nannna, about the decluttering that needs to be done, about the deigns for my new lounge and tv cabinet (designed by me and made by hubby) about my need to do a to do list im thinking....

I am thankful for... my beautiful family, those friends I consider family, and that I have a fantastic hubby who would do anything for me.

I am wearing...My uniform of sorts, jeans and tshirt and boots that have fur at the top but are incredibly supportive of my two spazzy ankles oh and my Thomas Sabo bracelet

I am remembering... I have too many things in the 'now' and short future to remember much in the past...but I do remember the way my mum used to twirl my ponytail while she was on the phone....I do the same thing to miss B (5)

I am going... To the Bon Jovi concert in December!!! So excited - my darling hubby bought the tickets for me :0)

I am reading... nothing except study notes for the moment - I am saving up all of my books for the MS Readathon Novel Challenge - I'll be reading in August, if you want to sponsor me:http://register.thenovelchallenge.org.au/The-Novel-Challenge/SamYoung/&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Share_My_Page&utm_campaign=Adult_Readathon
I am hoping... we can find a bigger house to move into soon....I am really running out of room!

Noticing that... something on my regular list of jobs and focus points needs to go...Too much stress

Pondering these words... 'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart' William Wordsworth

In the kitchen... A big mess - I have been baking up a storm - I hate the clean up... I miss having a dishwasher...

Around the house... too much clutter that needs to be sorted

One of my favourite things... morning cuddles with miss b (5) and miss g (2) - they are super sweet when they first wake up :)

Hope you enjoyed my 'borrowed' blog - dont forget to sponsor me :)

Much love


  1. Welcome back Sammy. i really enjoy your blog. Keep posting and please borrow, beg or steal any useful or inspiring ideas from my blog. God your kids are cute!

  2. Very happy to sponsor you - just let me know what's involved. vanessa

  3. Thanks Vanessa! hee hee yes they are cute AND they know it too lol.
    Sponsorship is as easy as following the link I posted and hitting the donate button :0) Thanks xx